3 Characteristics of a Goddess


Confidence is key in awakening your Goddess energy. You are tapped into your Divine Feminine Energy and everything flows naturally. You love yourself without validation and you exude confidence without trying to convince everyone of it.


Confidence brings out your beauty and lights up your best features and assets. Having both inner and outer beauty is the true nature of a Goddess. Being beautiful means you set your own standard because you are the standard. Your look is authentically distinguished and you naturally stand out.


You are magnetic even if you are an introvert and prefer to be in your own space. People are drawn to your energy and enjoy your company, not because you are a people pleaser, people just like you. You tend to be a bit mysterious, however your aura is very comforting. Your inner beauty plays a huge part in your personality and your personality is energetic.

Self Love

This is pretty much already understood! Self love and honoring love in general is the birthing and sum of all the other traits of a Goddess.

Gemstone Luva?

Rose Quartz is my favorite gemstone. And not because of the color. There’s a lot  of other beautiful colored stones, that actually catch my eyes first. Like the Jasper stone, I love the different varieties. But I love the Rose Quartz stone because of how it makes me feel.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love.  #LuvaStone From it’s deep to clear shades of pink, Rose Quartz is known for healing the heart and bringing forth the energy of peace and love. I agree! I’ve had some of the BEST magical Sex, because of my Rose Quartz (Yoni Egg)! Yup! Most importantly, the clarity I’ve gotten with my deepest inner self has been life changing!

*Pictured above: Waist Luv Beads made with Rose Quartz. Click picture for more info. *

About 2 years ago I did a write up on Intro to Gemstones, giving what I now realize is a more “basic” understanding of Gemstones. Don’t get me wrong, I introduced a lot of vital information, but 2 years later I have a more connected and intimate understanding of different stones. One thing I’ve learned is, All Stones carry the frequency of love. And connecting with Gemstones require a bit of imagination….

I will do a write up on my personal experience with stones soon. But in the meantime, check out the Gemstone post I made in 2017.

Intro to Gemstones and Crystals 


Fruity Aphrodisiac (top 5 fruits)

What’s better than the taste of delicious fruits, besides how good they make you feel? Many of them are said to be aphrodisiac in nature. How sweet is that? Here are my top 5 fruits that’s known to keep that mojo going and sexual energy flowing:

  1. Mangos – Mango’s are high in vitamin E, which is known to balance sex hormones and boost sex drive. They are also filled with vitamin A and C, which is linked to slowing down the effects of aging, keeping you youthful and vibrant and keeping you sexually confident.
  2. Pineapples- Rich in Vitamin C, Pineapples have been linked to fighting impotence. Its acidic and sweet nature is said to make bodily secretions just as sweet. Not to mention the exotic fruit is filled with lots of sweet juices that may just happen to run down your chin and arouse someone! lol
  3. Watermelon – Watermelon contains an amino acid called Citrulline, which is good for your cardiovascular system. It helps relax your blood vessels, keeping your blood relaxed and flowing. A good blood flow is what’s needed for an active and increased sex drive. And all that natural water will definitely keep it good and hydrated down there!
  4. Figs – Legend has it that Figs were a favorite of Cleopatra and they were considered very precious during that time. Figs are known as a sexual food due to their resemblance to the female sex organs.
  5. Bananas- Not just the fact that Bananas put you in the mind of, well, you know what. 🙂 But they are packed with a ton of potassium, a key nutrient to muscle strengthening and sexual hormone production. Can we say longer libido and stronger orgasms?


Taste of Your Pineapple Juices

“Your cum taste like starburst baby,” Edward told Stadia. He looked up at her with only his eyes, face planted between her thighs and his tongue still in motion.

Stadia stuck her finger in her pussy, then pulled it out, tasting her own juicy nectar. “Pineapple juice.”


Word on the street is that women’s and men’s sexual fluids taste sweeter and less bitter when fruits like pineapple, papaya, and other citruses  are eaten on a regular. Is this true? Yes, according to many doctors and sexologist. Although a ton of research haven’t been done on this topic, studies do show this to be true.

We’ve all heard the saying we are what we eat? Well, if we continue to eat a bad diet, all those toxins are then released in our bloodstream and our bodily fluids and scent become a product of that. Now, I cant promise your lovers cum will taste exactly like a fruit explosion from a jolly rancher volcano, but you can eliminate the possibilities of it tasting like fresh beer with better eating. Hahaha

In other words, eating a healthy diet with fruits and foods with natural sugars like cinnamon can make your love life go from tasty to delicious. Eat Up! 🙂


How to Vibrate High

Now is the time to reconnect with your inner self; your Divine Spirit. With the world happening around us and even things happening in our personal lives, we always want to ensure that we’re able to rise above adversity, even during the most trying times.

Vibrating High is a State of mind. It’s the ability to overcome obstacles, without surrendering to them.

We are energetic bodies, filled with High and Low vibrating emotions (energy in motion). Our strength comes from not running from our feelings, but feeling them out, then letting go to rise above and heal.


 Set Your Intention

Tell yourself that no matter what happens outside of you, you are in total control of your overall self and what energy you let take over you.

Music Matters

This can be a tricky one because a lot of us have an intimate relationship with music and consider our favorite music as “good music.” Good music would be a song that keeps your spirits high and do not have lyrics that promote sadness, anger, destruction, hate, etc., no matter how much you enjoy the song. The best music to keep you high vibrating is music without lyrics (Instrumentals, meditation music, Jazz, classical), preferably a binary beat of 528 Hz. That’s the love frequency.


Get Some Rest

Resting rechargers and reenergizes our bodies. A restless body causes fatigue and a cloudy mind, decreasing your energy, lowering your vibration.

Eat healthy food

You are what you eat. Your food is your fuel and everything you consume vibrates at its own frequency. Animal flesh, sugars, drugs, etc all vibrate at really low frequency and once digested it turns into energy expected to keep you vibrating high. Foods like Fruits, vegetables, and grains, vibrate at a higher frequency.

“If you with to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

Manage Your Thoughts

Be mindful of your thoughts. Everything begins with a thought, as your thoughts create your reality.


Whether its 5 minutes or 1 hour, sitting in the lotus position or laying down, meditation helps calm and quiet the mind, which gives you more clarity and decreases your stress levels.


You don’t have to be a gym rat, but a simple walk or hyper activity increases your Adrenaline and actually gives you more working energy.

Surround yourself with other high vibrating people

Energy is contagious and there’s nothing more inspiring than being around good energy people, which helps keep your energy up. Stay away from low vibrating people and energy vampires.

Be Grateful

You’ll never feel empty or alone when you are grateful for what you do have. It could always be worse.

Vibrate High Today and Everyday, Baby


Yoni(Pussy) Sun Bathing

Yoni or Pussy Sun Bathing Is the process of inviting the most vibrant, cosmic energy into your sacred tunnel. That warm, life giving energy Is about airing out your dark and moist feminine nature to the highest of masculine vibrations and letting it breathe(the Sun represents masculine energy). Always being tucked away under clothes and underwear, This ancient spiritual practice is like a yoni spring awakening, a blossoming of your feminine flowers.

The benefits of Yoni Sun Bathing is the ability to let your Yoni air itself out, getting the radiance of natures vitamins and nutrients while doing so. The sun is antifungal in nature, as it helps evaporate moisture, which can cause bad bacteria.
The sunlight also helps with toning of the muscles.
It brings harmony and balance to our body, as the sun represents masculine energy and of course our yoni’s are of feminine nature.

Step 1
Find a private location outside where you can be comfortable and discrete. If it’s too cold, find a window where the sun is coming through.

Step 2
Preferably you should wear a loose dress or skirt for an easier and more convenient process, but you can wear what you want.

Step 3
Take off your bottoms if you are wearing them, otherwise just lift up your skirt or dress over your butt. Remove your underwear.

Step 4
Find a comfortable position Laying down on your back, with your knees up, legs open wide in birthing position. Make sure to plant your feet on the ground.
*If you don’t want to lay all the way down, you can position yourself where your elbows are holding you up.*

Again make sure your yoni is facing the sun. The more sun the better.

Exercise 1
Place your hands on your stomach/womb, under your naval with your fingers and thumbs creating a triangle.

Once you are comfy, inhale a deep 5 second breath, coming from your yoni, passing through your womb. Inviting in love and light. As you exhale, release any negative thoughts, tension, memories, and toxins and let them melt away.

Exercise 2(Deeper Yoni intimacy)
Place one hand over your heart and the other hand on your Mons Pubis(bony/fleshy area above your yoni). Knowing your comfort level, use your fingers to massage your Mons Pubis as the sunrays continue to give it energy. Take slow and steady breaths, inhaling in and exhaling out. Listen to your yoni, as its up to you as to how far down you go with your fingers.

As you get more comfortable with Yoni Sunning, you can come up with your own practices and exercises.

Happy Yoni Sunning!!! 🙂


7 Chakra System

What are Chakras?

The Sanskrit word for wheel or disk, Chakras are the centers in our bodies where energy flows. The Chakras start at the base of the spine and through the crown of the head. 


What’s the point of Chakras? 

Chakras act as the invisible life force (energy) that contain tons of nerves and flow within our major organs. Since everything is moving, it’s important that it all stays open, fluid, and aligned since our physical, mental, and emotional health is depending on it. 


1 Root Chakra 

Color Red

Located in base of spine


The Root Chakra is one of the most important chakras because it is the starting point of energy that feed the other chakras. It is our deepest connection to Mother Earth. The Root Chakra is really vital as it helps controls fear and it helps in being grounded and centered. It also helps in feeling protected, financially secure, and stable. 


If unbalanced or dysfunctional it can affect your intestines, bones, legs, teeth, back, and your immune system. 



2 Sacral Chakra

Color orange

Located below the belly button


The Sacral Chakra is also extremely important as it’s also a main point in feeding the other chakras as well. It helps with creativity and sexuality and pleasure.


It is represented by the sexual organs and can affect the kidney and bladder if not balanced.


3 Solar Plexus Chakra

Color Yellow

Located about an inch below the bottom of the sternum in the area of the upper belly


The Solar Plexus is responsible for expressing and balancing the ego. It helps you identify with yourself as an individual. It’s also responsible for your Confidence, self worth and self esteem. 


If left unbalanced, the Solar Plexus can lead to ego-centric behavior, anger, rage, digestive and toxic overload in the liver.


4 Heart Chakra

Color Green

Located in the middle of the chest


The Heart Chakra is the chakra of love and compassion and ability to feel the true nature of others. It’s responsible for inner peace, forgiveness and understanding. It’s also responsible for opening you up to new people and has a sense of accepting the world as it is.


When the Heart Chakra is left unbalanced, you have trouble relating to others, forgiveness and can cause heart disease, anxiety, and fatigue.


5 Throat Chakra

Color Blue

Located at the base of the neck


The Throat Chakra is the center of communication and your ability to speak the truth. A lot of people have trouble with this chakra. It’s also good for assertiveness and self expression of your feelings and truth. 


When blocked and unbalanced, the Throat Chakra can cause stiff neck and shoulders, sore throats, and weak or overly loud voice.


6 Third Eye Chakra

Color Indigo(red and blue)

Located between the eyebrows


The Third Eye Chakra is the center of intellect and intuition. It’s an opening for great insight and wisdom, with the ability to focus and see the big picture. 


When out of balance, the Third Eye Chakra can cause dizziness and headaches, eye problems and lack of intuition and inspiration.


7 Crown Chakra

Color Violet

Located at the top of the head


The Crown Chakra is the highest spiritual truth, connecting us to all that is with the universe and each other. It’s also good for connecting to your spirit, inner and outer beauty, and the feeling of pure bliss. 


When the Crown Chakra is blocked, the mind can become dull and overcritical and cutting itself off for higher knowledge. It can also cause brain fog, lethargy, and neurosis.


Intro to Crystals and Gemstones

Introduction to Crystals and Gemstones


When most people think of self or spiritual healing methods, things like herbal remedies, yoga, plant and fruit based diets, and even mediation may come to mind. However, there’s a large community of people that’s quite familiar with another form of holistic healing work, in the form of Earth’s most prized treasures; crystals and gemstones. Not quite the typical or most popular approach to self healing, crystals and gemstones are definitely becoming more familiar and acceptable.

Most of us associate consciousness as a human only trait. However, it has been scientifically proven that many of Earths crystal and gemstones are energetically and consciously aware. They all vibrate on their own frequency and different crystals have different effects. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations understood the power of crystal healing, utilizing them to release mental, spiritual, and physical blockages. They are known for bringing clarity and clearing negative energy, raising vibrations, manifesting, releasing stress, pain relief, and more!

Our bodies are made up of about 0.05 percent of silicon. Silicon is a mineral not only found in our bodies, but found in crystals as well. It’s present in soil and the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. With that being said, we are naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals as they transmit, reflect, store light, and receive energy. When the crystals come into contact with the body, they expel a powerful energy and vibration from the crystal to the body. According to the law of physics, thoughts create energy and the energy of the crystals helps the thoughts of our consciousness connect with our body.

So with that, crystals and stones can definitely be used for healing and spiritual rituals for those people willing to think outside the box. Because people are looking for alternatives to medicine and westernized ways of healing, crystals and stones are becoming more common. There’s currently a ton of information and research out there for those interested in learning more.

A few well known Crystals and Stones…..

Agate- heals emotion tension related diseases, calming of the mind, courage, and more

Amethyst- peace of mind, physic ability, sobriety, spirituality and intuition, and more

Citrine- success, abundance, enhance self esteem, mental clarity, and more

Clear Quartz- awakens and connects to higher self, removes negativity, mental clarity, and more

Diamond- Known as the crystal of prestige of today’s time and the woman’s best friend. Diamonds are associated with high status and class and known to boost self esteem and confidence.

Green Jade- emotional balancer, serenity, dream enhancer, courage and wisdom, and more

   Lapis Lazuli- Known as the stone of the Pharaoh, it was said the Lapis gemstone was worn by ancient African cultures. Its known as the stone of truth and conscious elevator, helping to raise ones awareness to new heights.

(Black) Obsidian- grounding, bring negative emotions and truth to surface, shields against negativity, and more

   (Black) Onyx- It’s associated with the root chakra. Onyx is known for eliminating unwanted energies causing stress. Its grounding and stable properties help turn negative energy into power and mental strength.

Pyrite- stone of protection, wards off negative energy, promotes good health, relieves anxiety, and more

Red Jasper- promotes stability and grounding, releases stress, promote tranquility and wholeness, stimulates Kundalini and Chi energy, and more

Rhodonite- balance emotions dealing with love, rid of anger and resentment, and more

Rose Quartz- promotes unconditional love, peace, compassion, harmony, and more

Tigers Eye- promotes strength and personal power, sharpens senses and intuition, clear perception and insight, and more